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Beautiful Dog Beds & Why It Can Mean Life Or Death

Beautiful Dog Beds & Why It Can Mean Life Or Death

Ok.. Beautiful Dog Beds are great but the life and death part might have been an exaggeration. But don't overlook this important purchase that all dog owners should make.
Firstly dogs sleep up to 12 hours per day so it just makes sense your pet has a comfy dog bed to snuggle into.
But they are animals and they would sleep on the ground in the wild?
The same could be said for humans... are you going to give up your bed?
The potential savings could run into the thousands just by purchasing beautiful dog beds for your four legged friends. How? Pets and humans suffer many common illnesses like arthritis and you can imagine the impact laying on cold hard concrete would have on your pet.

Don't have the spare money to purchase a pet bed right now?

Don't worry there are many items around the home to make a DIY dog bed, the key to remember is if you find it comfortable your pet is bound to love it. Old blankets, cushions, towels are just a few items you could use to shape into a bed.
Tip: Make sure the items you use are clean as dogs have a sense of smell 40 times stronger than humans and your dog may avoid your hard work if other animals have left their scent markings.

A place of comfort and security

Beautiful dog beds offer more than physical comfort, they also provide emotional safe places your pet can turn too at times of high anxiety or when simply feeling under the weather.
Having friends around, playing some groovy music or maybe watching a family movie? There are many normal day to day activities that can cause anxiety to your pet and by providing your dog with a bed they will feel at ease knowing they can sit back and just observe the activities.

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